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Tasks in the railway industry

Ministry of Infrastructure, according to assigned tasks:
  • Elaborates draft laws and other legal acts on matters within its competence;
  • Provides legal regulation in the sphere of railway transport
  • Identifies priorities and takes measures to ensure the formation and implementation of state policy
  • Develops, adopts and performs projection and policy papers on development of railway transport
  • Submits financial plans of enterprises of the industry for the consideration and approval of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine
  • Monitors financial performance, including fulfillment of financial plans of enterprises of the industry
  • Approves orders, regulations, instructions
  • Approves tariffs for cargo railway transportation within Ukraine and related services, cargo railway transportation in transit through the territory of Ukraine, passenger, baggage and cargo-baggage by railway transport in international and domestic connections (except for commuter traffic and transportation by high-speed trains Intercity+ in first class cars)
  • Approves regulations on operational safety on railways, subway, on organization of operational work and technical operation of infrastructure and rolling stock for railways, acts on the opening and reconstruction of checkpoints on the state border of Ukraine at railway stations, as well as on establishment of the classification, order of investigation and accounting of traffic accidents on the railways
  • Approves Industry Classification of transport services by railway transport
  • Approves regulations for the transportation of passengers, baggage, cargo-baggage and freight, as well as animals, birds and other goods, subject to state veterinary and sanitary control, by railway transport of Ukraine
  • Approves rules for rescue operations on railway transport
  • Approves rules for transportation of perishable cargo and mail by railway transport
  • Approves rules of technical operation of the railways, cross-industry industrial railway transport of Ukraine, subways
  • Approves the list of goods that need to be accompanied by personnel of the paramilitary security service on railway transport throughout the run by railways of Ukraine
  • Approves decisions to open or close stations, railways of common use, including low-intensity lines and stations
  • Establishes the procedure and terms of termination or limitation of loading and transportation of freight and cargo, due to force majeure, military actions, blockade, epidemic or other circumstances independent of operators and owners of railway infrastructure of common use that impede the realization of transportation and notification of transporters and owners of railway infrastructure of common use of this