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General information about water transport of Ukraine

General information

Maritime transport complex is a multifunctional structure that meets the needs of the national economy in transportation provision. Seaports are the part of the transport and industrial infrastructure of the state due to their location in areas of international transport corridors. The competitiveness of the domestic transport complex on the world market depends on the efficiency of seaports, level of their technological and technical equipment and management system and infrastructure development compliance with modern international requirements. The main advantages of sea port industry of Ukraine are:

  • high ferrous metals, coal, iron-ore concentrate and grain export potential;
  • facilities for cargo handling availability;
  • advantageous location of seaports for transit cargo traffic;
  • availability of the legal framework regarding the possibility of attracting private investments for the development of the port sector;
  • availability of highly qualified professionals at the port industry.

Maritime transportation industry with one of the biggest potentials among the leading countries of the world:

  • 38 state enterprises with a turnover of about 10 billion UAH per year
  • 5000 business units within the industry
  • 100 000 seamen – citizens of Ukraine
  • 1 job in the industry stimulates the creation of 4.5 jobs in related industries

Industry condition


The most powerful potential:

  • 13 continental seaports
  • 262 million tons of capacity per year
  • 25 thousands of employees

Inland river waterways of Ukraine


  • 3 navigable rivers, two of which are in Top-5 largest rivers of Europe
  • 16 river ports and terminals
  • 60 million tons of capacity per year