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Last reporting year:

148 ml of 225 ml of passengers carried by inter-city service were transported by automobile transport (buses), 6 ml – by trolleybuses.

621 ml of 990 ml of passengers carried by suburban service were transported by automobile transport (buses).

5407 ml of passengers carried by urban service were transported:

  • By automobile transport (buses) – 2575 ml of passengers;
  • By trolleybuses – 1300 ml of passengers;
  • By trams – 757 ml of passengers;
  • By underground – 775 ml of passengers;
Automobile transport (buses) passenger turnover

Is 49 b pkm, representing 38% of all kinds of transport, trolleybuses – 7,6 b pkm (6%), trams – 4,1 b pkm (3%).

Currently, the road transport system of Ukraine has more than 9.2 million of vehicles, including:
  • 6,9 million of cars;
  • ≈ 250 thousand of buses;

  • ≈ 1,3 million of trucks;
  • More than 840 thousand of motorcycles.

In general, at this time nearly 56.2 thousand of carriers work on the market of commercial transportation and they are using about 154 thousand of vehicles.

Type of transportation

The number of operating licenses

services of domestic transportation of passengers by bus


services of domestic transportation of passengers by taxi


services of domestic transportation of passengers by cars on order


services of domestic transportation of hazardous cargo


services of domestic transportation of passengers and hazardous cargo


services of domestic transportation of passengers and cargo


provision of freight transport




 Number of vehicles being used by licensees

Kind of transport

Number of vehicles







Truck (hazardous cargo)





Today in Ukraine there are about:

 240 enterprises engaged in international transport of passengers. Route network connects Ukraine with 23 foreign countries and it is over 400 of regular bus routes. More than 1.5 thousand of buses are serving these routes.

Bus park of Ukrainian carriers, due to the absence of manufacturing of buses for international traffic in Ukraine and high rates of import duty (20% of the customs value + 20% of VAT), 80% of vehicles are older than 10 years, what results in negative consequences in terms of comfort of transportation, in environmental issues and support of their proper technical condition.

For 04.12.2014 in Ukraine (including in the Crimea and Sevastopol) according to the State Inspectorate of Ukraine on land transport security, there are 739 certified bus stations. Among which there are 39 of first class, 30 of second class, 388 of third class, 195 of fourth class and 87 of fifth class.

Urban electric transport operates in

51 cities of Ukraine (53 enterprises in which work more than 33 thousand of people and where are used: 2646 trams, 3736 trolleybuses, 1927 km of tram lines (177 routes); 4412 km of trolleybus lines (405 routes).

Every year urban electric transport services (tram, trolleybus) are used by over 2 billion of passengers (67% of them are citizens of privileged categories).

For the first 9 months of this year total revenues of enterprises decreased by 8.7 percent and amounted to 1.282 billion of UAH. Reduce of income stems from retrenchment of subsidies from the state budget for compensation of privileged travel of citizens of separate categories by 6.7 percent, reduction in funding from local budgets by 12.7 percent and reduction of the fee revenue from sales of travel documents by 7 percent.

Expenditures of enterprises in comparison with the same period of previous year decreased by 7.7 percent and amounted to 1.667 billion of UAH. Uncompensated costs of businesses for passenger traffic for 9 months amounted to 23 percent.

Compensation for expenditure of urban electric transport related to transportation of privileged categories of citizens is provided at the expense of subventions from the state budget to local budgets to provide communication privileges, other privileges provided by legislation and compensation for travel privileges of certain categories of citizens.

The Ministry of Finance of Ukraine is the main distributor of this subvention. Under the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy is established and operates an information database (register) of beneficiaries.

Powers to distribute subventions received from the state budget for areas of expenditure, including expenditure on compensation for travel privileges, and identification of priorities and direction of funds received is the responsibility of local authorities.

Thus, the formation and distribution of compensation for travel privileges is beyond the competence of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

The analysis shows that after distribution among the budgets of cities and enterprises the share of urban electric transport accounts for about 40 percent of total subsidies provided by the State Budget of Ukraine.

According to the calculations of enterprises required compensation for companies of this sector is about 1800.0 ml of UAH. The actual amount of state compensation for expenditures of enterprises for travel privileges is about 46-50 percent of their cost.

Today 95% of trams and 67% of trolley buses have ended their statutory service life and require replacement. A significant number of tram lines and power facilities also need urgent major repairs or reconstruction of them.

The results of state technical inspection show that about 20% of the total length of tram lines and contact networks and traction substations do not conform to the requirements of rules of operation.

Currently when the service life of tram is 15years, and of trolley bus is 10 years:

  • 1193 tram cars are older than 30 years;
  • 1979 trolley buses are older than 20 years.

High level of obsolescence of bulk of urban electric transport and low rates of transport updates result in reduction of the amount of trams and trolley buses (about 200 units per year), nonconformance with technical and technological level of current requirements, increase (25%) of energy consumption and the cost of their maintenance, insufficient level of comfort, quality and safety of provided services.

Primarily due to the obsolescence and reduction of rolling stock and deterioration of its technical condition the amount of passenger traffic and transport work is decreasing, the quality and safety of transport services are deteriorating.

Having the minimum necessity to update about 400 trolleybuses and 200 trams per year the actual volume of purchase in 2013 amounted to only 51 units (3 trams and 48 trolleybuses) what corresponds to indices of update that were before the adoption of State programs containing measures  for development of urban electric transport.

Ukraine has established its own manufacturing base for the production of rolling stock of urban electric transport. Production of trolley buses is mastered by Lutsk Automobile Plant (Corporation "Bogdan"), Lviv municipal transport plant (LAZ). Manufacture of tramcars - LLC "Tatra-Yug" joint enterprise "Elektrontrans", corporation "Bogdan" (in design documentation is "Belkomunmash") and utility company "Kyivpastrans" together with JSC "Kyiv electro transport plant".

Domestic manufacturers are able to meet the needs of urban electric transport companies in rolling stock, which in terms of power, reliability and comfort are as good as their counterparts in developed European countries and CIS countries.

More information about urban electric facilities is in the table (210.33 Kb) / View in browser.