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Eurocontrol is an organization established in accordance with the "International Convention relating to Cooperation for the Safety of Air Navigation" of December 13, 1960 (hereinafter - "the Convention") with the aim to develop European cooperation in the field of air navigation, taking into account requirements of all civil and military users, while ensuring a high level of flights safety and security.

Eurocontrol is an international intergovernmental organization that has the full legal capacity. It operates on the basis of the Convention, amended by the Additional Protocol to this Convention since 1970, and the Protocol of Amendment to the Additional Protocol to this Convention dated on 1978, which together were supplemented by the Protocol of Amendments to the Convention signed in Brussels on 12 February 1981 and the Multilateral Agreement on payment of route charges on 12 February 1981.

Currently, 41 European countries and 2 Comprehensive Agreement States are members of Eurocontrol organization: Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Greece, Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Malta, Moldova, Monaco, Macedonia, Germany, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Turkey, Hungary, Finland, France, Croatia, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Sweden, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Poland, Serbia, Armenia, Lithuania, Montenegro, Georgia, Estonia, and Latvia.

The headquarters of Eurocontrol is located in Brussels (Kingdom of Belgium).

The main Eurocontrol tasks:

• organization of the implementation of the European Air Traffic Management Program (EATMP) on behalf of the ECAC Member States (European Civil Aviation Conference);

• development of regulatory requirements of air navigation in Europe, payment settings for air navigation services;

• ensuring the operation of the Air Traffic Management Center in order to optimally use the European airspace and prevent its overloading;

• charging for air navigation services on behalf of Member States;

• development and implementation of short and medium-term actions to improve  air traffic management systems in Europe;

• participation in the realization, implementation and management of the Global Satellite Navigation System;

• carrying out research papers aimed at increasing the airspace capacity in Europe;

• formation and maintenance of the Single European Sky Convergence Plan (SESCP), the components of which are implementation plans of states that include measures to achieve compatibility of national air navigation systems, as well as technical and operational indicators;

• ensuring the functioning of the international air traffic management centre (Maastricht) in the upper airspace of Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and the Federal Republic of Germany.

• development of international cooperation.

Ukraine became a member of EUROCONTROL on the basis of the Standing Committee decision No. 90 and the order of the President of Ukraine, 18.12.2001. №360 / 2001-rp, laws of Ukraine dated November 26, 2003 № 1337-IV, 1338-IV, 1339-IV, 1340-IV, 1341-IV, 1342- IV.рп