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Concession project marine trade port of Chornomorsk

  • The railway-ferry terminal is a part of Sea Commercial Port of Chornomorsk, one of the biggest ports in Ukraine located in Sukhoy estuary, 12 miles to the South-West from Odesa
  • The port has a key position at the intersection of major transport corridors between Europe and Asia, industrialized areas and key sea routes
  • It is the center of two basic rail ferry lines on the Black Sea
  • Unique terminal, which combines railway and ro-ro ferry facilities, is the only railway ferry complex in Ukraine and one of the biggest terminals of such kind in Black Sea region
  • Niche market position with domestic market share in handling trucks is 71%, vehicles – 95% and full market of handling wagons
  • Unspecialized on particular cargoes, diversified cargo flow mostly represented by perishable food products, wood, building materials and other cargo in small batches
  • Stable operating business, which does not require significant CAPEX, has spare capacity for further cargo flow growth and significant operating efficiency growth potential, and an opportunity to develop new services
  • Highly marginal financial position with Revenue ranged from $3.3 to $5.6 mln and EBITDA margin averaged at 44% in the last 3 years
  • 12 ha of total area
  • 3 berths
  • 690 m quay length
  • 9.6 m max depth
  • Annual capacity of 4.5 mln tons in railway wagons, 35000 heavy duty trucks and 250000 units of vehicles
  • 1.8 mln tons of cargo handled in 2016
  • $3.7 mln Revenue in 2016
  • 41% EBITDA margin in 2016